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Have some dead stock? Need an appliance manual or part which is obsolete or discontinued and no longer available? Looking to sell off an older but perfectly good appliance? Post a classified ad and make your wants known to others.
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Keep those great looking old appliances in service!

Many people today are interested in preserving or restoring older home appliances because of their styling, quality, longevity or just uniqueness. was created to give consumers and trade professionals a marketplace to find and sell home appliance related goods for these older products with the hopes of keeping them out of our landfills.

Typical items of interest for these older products include replacement parts, owner's and service manuals, tools, memorabilia or even whole appliances wanted or available to be refurbished or 'parted out'. If you are looking for or have any of these, posting a listing will make your wants or available inventory known to others.

Feel free to browse the categories of listings by clicking the 'Browse' link above or selecting a category from the menu at the left. If you want to see if you can help someone find that elusive item, click the 'Wanted' link in the top menu for a listing of the 10 most recently added wanted items in each of our site categories.

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We hope you find our service here helpful.

Find parts to keep those great looking old appliances in service!

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1. Maycor Brands Model Diecast Trucks/Cars
2. Kelvinator Parts Microfiche
3. Sears Canada Parts Microfiche or CD
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1. VF3 Universal Freezer Thermostat
2. VC1 Universal Manual Defrost Fridge Thermostat
3. VA2 Universal RV & Old Fridge Thermostat
4. Sears Canada Parts Microfiche or CD
5. Kelvinator Parts Microfiche
6. Maycor Brands Model Diecast Trucks/Cars
7. IH Refrigerator Parts Catalog R-3
8. IH Refrigerator Parts Catalog R-4
9. IH Refrigerator Parts Catalog R-6
10. Norge Refrigerator Service/Parts Manual

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